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About Us

    Cabarrus Regional Society for Human Resources Management was started in Cabarrus County in the early 1990s. Area HR professionals recognized a need to network and develop professional learning opportunities among their peers.

    Originally called Cabarrus Personnel Association, the association then changed its name to Cabarrus Human Resource Association (CHRA). In 2003, CHRA became an affiliate chapter for the National Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and became Cabarrus Regional Society for Human Resource management (CRSHRM). We are always growing, moving and leading the way for area HR professionals.

    CRSHM offers the opportunity to interact with human resource peers and provides personal and professional growth opportunities. Our purpose is to provide members of the Human Resource profession an environment where professional development can flourish through networking and educational opportunities. We want to deliver quality services and promote professionalism through involvement in the Society for Human Resource Management at the local, state, and national levels.


    CRSHRM’s Mission is to support the needs of the human resource management professional within our organization through available resources and educational meetings, and to further support the community through the continued development and awareness of the human resource profession.

    Goals & Objectives

    Today, the group’s goals are aligned with SHRM. The programs are designed to develop the professional, while the group works on projects to develop the profession and community we all serve.

    1. To encourage, promote and affect the voluntary exchange of data, information, experiences, ideas and knowledge about methods, processes and techniques relating to the profession of Human Resources and Industrial or Labor Relations among CRSHRM members and the community.
    2. To promote and support the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), which exists to promote Human Resources professionalism and to actively support those in the profession.
    3. To observe ethical and professional standards of work and to foster and encourage observance of the same for all practitioners of Human Resources and Industrial or Labor Relations.
    4. To hold seminars and meetings on Human Resources related matters and current issues for CRSHRM members, guests and non-member business professionals.
    5. To support the community through continued development and awareness of the human resource profession.