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Job Openings

    Cooperative Christian Ministry (CCM) is seeking the individual to fill the role of “Director of Community Engagement” to help carry out the mission of CCM.

    This full-time salaried position will help develop and implement strategies to engage the resources necessary to support the mission and strategic objectives of Cooperative Christian Ministry. This person will serve as a member of CCM’s leadership team, providing planning and organization to coordinate contracted services, develop and nurture supportive relationships to foster in-kind support and achieve fundraising goals, while reflecting the values and core principles of CCM.

    Functional Responsibilities will include:
    Organization and Planning - participating in the design and implementation of a three-year resource development plan.
    Engagement Activities - nurturing existing relationships with individuals, businesses, foundations, churches and other groups, and cultivating prospective relationships.
    Awareness & Education – coordinating the development and distribution of print, electronic, and other resources to communicate the mission and accomplishments of CCM to our donors, partners, and community members.
    Leadership - managing staff, contractor, and vendor relationships to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of CCM to include: grant writing, marketing, event planning, social media, direct mail, printing, etc.


    We are looking for:

    • A person who embraces the mission and values of CCM
    • A person who is relational by nature
    • A person who can manage and connect the components of this role
    • A person who can effectively deliver the message both one-on-one and before an audience
    • A person who has first-hand knowledge of Cabarrus County

    If you know of an excellent candidate, please invite them to apply online at