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Governmental Affairs Information


    HR Advocacy Questionnaire

    To help prepare for the upcoming policy debates in Washington in the months ahead, SHRM’s Government Affairs team has developed the HR Advocacy Questionnaire.

    We need to know what you think about key HR issues and your level of interest in supporting SHRM’s advocacy efforts by testifying before a legislative panel, talking to the media, or contacting a state or federal legislator with whom you may have a connection. Please take a minute to complete this questionnaire by clicking HERE.

    HR Voice

    SHRM members, through the organization’s HRVoice program, can play an instrumental part in influencing legislation on the national and state levels. Below are tips on how to use SHRM Online’s letter templates to contact your elected officials and links to legislative resources.

    Writing Your Washington Congressional Members or State elected officials:

    1. Go to
    2. Select Write your Elected Officials from the right column in the center of the page.
    3. Indicate to whom you want emails sent.
    4. Compose your message or modify the sample as you wish.
    5. Make sure you enter your name as signatory and complete the address information.
    6. Click Send Message.

    Legislative Resources