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    Joining Cabarrus Regional Society for Human Resource Management (CRSHRM) will bring fantastic opportunities for growing professionally and personally. Our meetings are great resources for enhancing work skills and knowledge of HR issues and laws. The benefits gained bring value to your place of work because of membership access to current best practices. CRSHRM is affiliated with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the largest human resources organization in the world.

    Benefits Include

    • Networking with HR professionals
    • Monthly meetings providing programs on current HR issues for professional development
    • Legislative updates regarding local, state and federal issues
    • Membership directory of local HR professionals
    • Involvement with the Society of Human Resource Management at the local, state, and federal levels

    Chapter Dues

    CRSHRM chapter dues are currently $100 annually for SHRM members and $135 annually for non-SHRM members. This includes all meetings/events and meals at all meetings. Dues are pro-rated for professionals who join mid year.

    To pay online, click on the "More" tab, then "Payment Options"

    Apply for Membership

    • Application: Click here
    • Email Application:, Attention President or
    • Mail Application: CRSHRM; P.O. Box 6737; Concord, NC 28027

    Membership Categories & Qualifications

    Professional Membership

    Must meet one or more of the following criteria:  (a) be currently employed primarily in Human Resources, Industrial or Labor Relations for their current employer; or (b) be certified by the Human Resource Certification Institute and/or SHRM; (c) be a faculty member in an accredited institution of higher education, hold the faculty rank of assistant professor, associate professor, or professor, and teach human resources or related courses and have at least three years of experience at this level of teaching; or (d) be a full-time consultant or representative from placement/employment agencies with at least three years’ experience in the field of human resource management (one individual per staffing agency will be eligible for membership); (e) full-time attorneys with at least three years’ experience in counseling and advising clients on matters relating to the human resource profession.

    Associate Member

    Must meet one of the following criteria:   (a) be an ESC and/or EEOC employee; (b) be in a non-exempt human resource management position (c) be an individual who does not meet the qualifications of the other classes of membership, but who demonstrates a bona field interest in human resource management and the mission of the Chapter. Please note that Associate Members cannot exceed 20% of our total membership.

    Student Members

    Student members are individuals who are actively enrolled in human resource degree programs at the college or university level. Student members may not vote and may not hold office in the chapter.


    The following qualifications also apply: (a) Where an individual is responsible for several functions, the responsibility of the Human Resources, Industrial or Labor Relations functions shall constitute the individual’s primary responsibilities in order to be eligible for membership; (b) Eligibility is dependent on qualifications mentioned without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation or veteran status. (c) Professional and associate memberships are extended to individuals only, not to companies.

    Transitional Members 

    Transitional Members must meet the following criteria:  (a) have been employed within the 12 months prior to applying for CRSHRM membership primarily in Human Resources, Industrial or Labor Relations for more than 2 years; (b) must be a National SHRM Member in good standing.

    SHRM & National Membership

    As a National Member of SHRM, you will have the opportunity to network nationally through various avenues. The benefits with National membership include opportunities for research on the SHRM web site, discounts on products and seminars, job description databases, and governmental affairs….just to name a few. Please visit for more information or click membership application for a direct link. The dues for National Membership are $244 per year.