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    April Chapter Meeting

    Date: April 9, 2019, 11:30am – 1:00pm
    Bass Pro Shop
    2nd Floor Conference Room

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    Speaker : Lori Kawulok

    Leading Thru Change

    Leading Self & Others Through the Maze of Change


    There is a challenge in navigating through the constant of change. We not only get caught in our own storm, as leaders, we are required to help others navigate that storm as well. This session includes:

    • Getting Ready for Change - Understanding the emotional dynamics
    • Being Part of the Change Process - Finding your place and communication style
    • Walking through Change with Your Team - Knowing how to answer tough questions
    • Bringing Balance to Your Team - Helping shift focus as your process through the change model

    This impactful session will help us better understanding ourselves and others through the process of how we each manage our lives, communication, and conflict during change. 

    Lori Kawulok - Leadership Gatherings Expert

    Lori is a gifted consultant, coach and dynamic speaker, working throughout the US and China since 2004. 

    She is known for her work with leaders and their teams, improving employee morale through personal empowerment, leadership and sales and service training. Lori is an expert in Culture Shift through the Leadership Success Track, WOW Experience Training, organizational evaluation as well as helping companies find their value and unique brand.

    Lori comes from an entrepreneurial family. She worked for a large US credit union (17 offices, $650 M assets) in charge of business development & marketing. Lori served as a recruiter and trainer & brand management officer to the fortune 500 company IKON.

    TRAINING: Training leaders is her passion. She has led key leaders through her Leadership Success Track at S&D Coffee, Black & Decker, NOVA CU, Mountain CU, Freightliner, Trelleborg to name a few. It is her desire to bring this program into our community to give every person the tools needed to lead well. 

    She happily lives in the Kannapolis countryside with her husband and loves seeing people become energized by the potential inside of them, and in front of them!